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Why Scorpio is better than Fortuner!!

 Why Scorpio is Better than Fortuner!! 

Mahindra Scorpio has a huge fanbase in India like her Ancestor. This SUV has dominated the Indian market since the manufacture of it's first model. People in India, love this SUV because of many reasons , one main reason is the mafia look that it provides. 

The Toyota Fortuner is trying to give a fight to Mahindra Scorpio but fortunately , it is not a easy task to defeat Scorpio. 

Below are some comparison between both SUVs-

1. Torque- Mahindra Scorpio has about 75Nm 
                    more than Fortuner. 

2. Fanbase- Mahindra Scorpio has bigger fanbase
                     as comapared to Toyota Fortuner. 

3. Gear Box- Scorpio has 6-speed gear box where
                         Fortuner has 5-speed gear box. 

4. Mileage- Scorpio gives better mileage than 

Hence, Mahindra Scorpio has no alternative in the Indian market. Scorpio is the best. 

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  1. I drive s10.
    Fantastic car, king like feeling । The gabru is real enjoyment


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